Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vincent Calabrese

On the left, The Spatiales Symboliques , Spatiale Tourbillon right.Suspended in its sapphire case the time piece seems to be afloat

Vincent Calabrese's career first took off at the International Inventor's Show in Geneva in 1977, where he won the Gold Medal.

He has created exclusive timepieces for watchmaking houses such as Corum, Blancpain, Goldpfeil and Universal Geneve.

He co-founded the AHCI Horological Academy of Independent Creators in 1985 with Svend Anderson.That year, he also created his first Tourbillon wrist watch the Espirit.In 1988, he perfected his Spatiale watchmaking style, which allows him to create unique and personalised movements in any shape, such as the wearer's initials, symbols, animals, countries, etc. In 1989, Calabrese invented the miniature clock 'Two Hands', which associates the immobility of the pendulum with the mobility of the Tourbillon. He went on to create the Baladin, which provides a unique display that combines digital and numerical displays with a wandering jumping hour.In 1990, the Commedia was created, followed by the Mona Lisa in 1991. Other horological feats include the Regulator Tourbillon in 1997 as well as the first of his famous watches, the Golden Bridge.

When Jacques Piguet, who at the time was the owner of Frédéric Piguet SA and Blancpain SA, discovered this watch, he asked Vincent Calabrese to create a Tourbillon for Blancpain. This Tourbillon is one of the most beautiful watches ever made.

23 June 2008 – Blancpain SA, a company of The Swatch Group Ltd., is announcing that it acquired the company Vica Sàrl and, with this acquisition, the Vincent Calabrese brand.

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