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Antoine Preziuso

3 Volution Triple Tourbillo

Antoine Preziuso was born in Geneva in 1957 and became passionately interested in watchmaking at a very early age.

1978 Antoine Preziuso graduated from the Geneva Watchmaking school with the highest results. He was hired by the biggest and most selective watch firm, Patek Philippe.

1980 Antoine Preziuso was requested by the world’s leading auctioneer in the field of horology, Antiquorum, to open their first workshop for restoration and appraisal of collectors’ watches.

1981 As an expert watchmaker. Antoine Preziuso opened his own workshop in Geneva.

1989 Antoine Preziuso was challenged by one of the great watch firms to develop and produce a series of the most complicated wristwatches in the world, meaning minute repeater wristwatches with a perpetual calendar.
After two years of study, research and development, the first such watch, complete with a splendid presentation box, was sold at auction by Antiquorum in Geneva.

1991 The first Antoine Preziuso complication watch is a minute repeater with a perpetual calendar, patented system by the rotating bezel for releasing the bezel .This piece is honoured the prestigious seal of quality "The Hallmark of Geneva."
While continuing to create prestigious watches, Antoine Preziuso opened up the niche of complicated watches for various major brands.

1996 For the first time, Antoine Preziuso exhibited his own creations at The Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show, at the stand of the “Académie des Horlogers Créateurs Indépendants” (AHCI).

1998 Antoine Preziuso was invited to Geneva to present his latest creations at the “Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie” (SIHH)

2000 The Antoine Preziuso Geneva company pursued its development and relocated to more comfortable premises, where it began to build up a team of motivated professionals.

2001 Goldpfeil, a firm specialising in luxury leather goods, requested 7 members of the AHCI, including Antoine Preziuso, to create its very first watch collection. Antoine Preziuso developed a unique dual time-zone model, along with 150 all-leather watches in honour of Goldpfeil, which were previewed at the Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show in 2001 connecting with the 1st Private Exhibition Antoine Preziuso Geneva in his own workshop.

2002 Antoine Preziuso introduced the largest collection of tourbillon models at Baselworld, comprising 6 different Tourbillons, presented in a range of innovative material as the Meteorite. That same year, Antoine Preziuso took part in the Opus Two event orchestrated by Harry Winston at Baselworld. For the occasion, he created 12 Tourbillon models and 12 Tourbillon watches with calendar displays, some of them set with diamonds He also developed a dual time-zone model for the Bédat brand, which was also presented at Baselworld.

2004 The company opens its first Boutique Antoine Preziuso “Les Heures Précieuses” in Geneva.
In August, Antoine Preziuso is asked by the Kremlin to repair a historical clock which had not worked for 40 years.

2005 25 years of Independence celebrated by creating the revolutionary piece “The 3Volution” a tourbillon, which is a new page in the History of Watch making.

2006 Second window on Geneva, with the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues
6th Private Exhibition Antoine Preziuso Geneva based on the topic of the "Unique Pieces": About 20 unique timepieces have been presented testifying the gained experiences throughout the 26 professional business years of Antoine Preziuso, so much on the level of creation, the development of modules, of the search for new systems that aesthetic.

2007 Antoine Preziuso presented at the Fours Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva – based on the topic: Patent and First Worldwide.for which not less than 10 windows are devoted to them.
And the first two models of his collection of High Jewellery provided with an Horological Complication, which makes the fame of Antoine Preziuso.

2008 8th Private Antoine Preziuso Salon at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues on the theme of "The Face of Time". A new concept is presented at the exhibition where time becomes secondary and where the movement becomes the main actor. The B-Side is cased in a Titanium case highlighting different movements with unique finishing. The collection of mechanical jewellery introduced in 2007 is growing up, as jewellery come alive through integrated watchmaker’s mechanism.
The brand is welcomed as new member of the “Fondation de la Haute

1989 Commissioned by Breguet to develop and launch production of its minute-repeater watches with perpetual calendar.

1991 Antoine Preziuso developed his first minute-repeater watch with perpetual calendar.

1996 Exhibited for the first time at Basel, with the Horological Academy of Independent Creators (A.H.C.I.).

2000 The workshop became a full-fledged company,

2002 Presentation at Basel of the largest collection of tourbillon watches: six watches in all including one sculpted in meteorite, a world-first that would become the symbol of Antoine Preziuso Genève.

2007 April, presentation of the first two models in the Fine Jewellery collection incorporating a complication watch mechanism.

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